Wednesday, February 18, 2009

French Cuirassiers

I found these a bit annoying and fiddly to paint, though I think they came out looking ok in the end. I'd say they actually have too much detail and some of it obscures things that you'd like to paint - for instance, the cartridge case makes it about impossible to paint the turnbacks. I ended up spending a bit longer on these than I should have done, which was mostly my fault for not going about them in a logical way.

Face, trousers, gloves, jacket, epaulettes and carbine are all done with colours as per the infantry a few posts down.

The yellow cloth is GW Golden Yellow over GW Iyanden Darksun (one of their foundation paints). This doesn't give great contrast, but the foundation paint goes on nicely over a dark undercoat in one coat, and the yellow brightens it up a little.

Plumes and horsetails are just VJ London Grey drybrushed over the undercoat. The sheepskins are white dry brushed over USA Tan Earth.

The black horses are a mix of Iraqi Sand and Black heavily drybrushed over the undercoat, then given a black ink wash. They look ok up close but at any distance its hard to tell they're not just plain black. Next time I'll try something with a bit more contrast.


  1. very nice job it's a pleasure to see your blog

  2. Fantastic job! I'll give you a plug on my blog. Can't wait to see what else you'll do.

  3. Those look amazing for 6mm!
    I'm posting a link to your blog from mine.


  4. Hello Johnatan,

    great painting!
    What period are you doing? I'm trying to do Aspern-Wagram 1809 on a 1:40 ratio , using also Adler miniatures. Unfortunately i have no Blog - so no pictures.( Don't know how to do...)


  5. Jonathan,

    Beautiful paint job! With your permission I would like to post some of these on my web site. I am the Adler manufacturer in the US, and these are far better than any I have painted ;-)

    If I do use them I will give you credit.

    Dave B.
    Stone Mountain Miniatures, Inc.

  6. Great stuff mate! I have a blog for Adler Naps as well at and am located in Brisbane.

    Do you mind if I add yours into my links?