Wednesday, May 13, 2009

French so far

I tried my hand at taking a shot of the infantry that I've painted so far. They're starting to look quite "mass-ey" I think.


Here are the latest miniatures off the painting bench, some French Legere.
Because they're almost all blue they're nice and quick to paint - no cuffs to mess about with. The only slightly strange thing about them is that they should really be in hussar style boots but they're all sculpted in trousers. Not really a problem and I think the more colour the better at this scale.
No new colours used on these - the green plumes and epaulettes are as per the volitgeurs in the previous post. The rest is done in the same way as all the other french. I'm much preferring the new musket colour and will go back and redo the grenadies soon to bring them in line with this.