Friday, April 24, 2009

French Voltigeurs

After a long-ish break, more updates. These voltigeurs were fun to paint, though a little awkward to get paint in everywhere due to the poses. I think they're great sculpts though.

Colors here are as per the rest of the french (see step by step on grenadiers) with a couple of additions.

Green plumes and epaulettes are Vallejo Deep Green highlighted with GW Camo Green. I took a look at the Vallejo green paints and most of them are very very thin. Normally that's good but for bright colours I prefer something a bit thicker right out of the pot especially if you're just dabbing it on.

Yellow collars and plumes are the GW Foundation paint Iyanden Darksun with yellow over it.

Finally I changed the colour of the rifles to what Braxen suggested in his original tutorial all along. Vallejo Light Brown 929. It looks better.

On the painting table are a bunch of legere, so those should be next up on here.