Thursday, February 12, 2009

French Mounted Infantry Officers

These officers will be based with a few of the infantry battallions when they're finished. I worked on these before I tackled any cavalry because I wanted to get a feel for painting them and try painting horses on something not too critical. I find horses a bit intimidating as usually when I paint something brown it looks like wood, not like horse.

The men were painted in the same way as the infantry below. The only difference is that shako trim, cords and epaulettes were done in Vallejo Dark Sand. I tried using metallics for these and they didn't look good.

Saddle cloths are Dark Sand trim on GW Blood Red cloth. The Adler sculpts are top-class here. The sculpting's better than my painting of them.

The lighter horse is
  1. GW Vermin Brown
  2. GW Chestnut Ink wash (fairly thick)
  3. GW Vermin Brown again
  4. Muzzle and Socks are white over Vallejo Iraqi Sand
  5. Mane and tail drybrushed London Grey over the undercoat.

The darker horse is
  1. GW Scorched Brown
  2. GW Bestial Brown
  3. White blaze


  1. Hi Dude

    Love your work, especially the horses as I am trying to get together a 6mm horse painting tutorial myself.

    We have used very similar colours for the French, see my Blog and my tutorial

    Stay frosty.


  2. Jonathan, to stop your horses looking like wood, firstly you can use two colours to give the shadows, and secondly you can add satin varnish to the horse after varnishing the figure as a whole that will give it that bit of lustre provided by the horse's coat.

    Greg the banned

  3. I love your stuff. I'm am getting into 6mm myself and you are giving me quite a bit of inspiration.

    Regards, Bill