Monday, March 2, 2009

French Chasseurs

Some French Chasseurs. I spent a bit less time on these than the Cuirassiers and now, looking at them up close, it shows. I think they look fine in the flesh but doing close-ups like this is a bit punishing. The good thing about this blog is that it makes me finish things in order to post them. The down-side is that I can see all my mistakes writ-large.

One thing that would make these look a lot better would have been a better choice of green. I used VJ Goblin Green over VJ Deep Green which looked like it had enough contrast but the darker green just gets lost. I also applied the highlight over too much of the mini. When I get onto Dragoons I'll try a darker base colour and a smaller highlight.

Also, painting teeth on the shabraques at this scale is neither easy or fun. I miss outlining saddle cloths and pistol buckets now, not something I thought I'd say.

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